about brad.

First, I want to say thank you for visiting. I've written a short bio here so you can know a little about where I started and where I am now.

I started my journey in music at an early age, first picking up a trumpet over 20 years ago at age 11.  At age 13, inspired by the music from the video games I played, I first tried my hand at composing. I began learning the guitar at age 15, and first gave serious thought to singing around the same time.


I’ve always liked creating moods and images with my music.  I want my music to help you understand where you are in the scene or how you should feel. I try to do that in innovative ways, by using ethnic instruments or unconventional musical structures, and by putting my own original touch on each work.


More than anything, I just like to create music that interests the listener. After all, what good is a great song if no one’s listening?

Lastly, I remind myself every day to be grateful for the opportunities I have had and for the small successes I have achieved, and try to remain humble as much as I can. If we've worked together in the past, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. If you're thinking of working with me now, I want you to know that I'll be committed to creating something unique for you that you really love, and I won't stop working on it until you do.




studio and software.



iMac (Mid-2011) Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz, 24GB RAM
WD MyBook Velociraptor 2TB 10000 RPM HDD

Custom PC with AMD Ryzen 2700x 8-core processor and 64 GB RAM

KRK Rokit 6 Studio Monitors x2

Novation Launchkey 49 MIDI Controller Keyboard

M-Audio Hammer 88 Weighted MIDI Controller

Apogee Element 24 Audio Interface

Line 6 Helix

Aston Origin Microphone

Aston Halo Reflection Filter

Shure SM57 Microphone

KRK Rokit 6 Studio Monitors

Too much BOSS and Roland gear to list

...and a pile of various guitars!




Logic Pro X

EastWest Quantum Leap Hollywood (EWQL) Orchestra Diamond

EWQL Hollywood Choirs Diamond

EWQL Hollywood Solo Instruments Series

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum

EWQL Symphonic Choirs Gold

EWQL Ghostwriter

EWQL The Dark Side

EWQL Voices of the Empire

EWQL Voices of Passion

EWQL Stormdrum 2 and 3

EastWest Pianos Platinum

EastWest Silk

Quantum Leap RA

Best Service ERA Medieval Legends and Medieval Legends II

Best Service Celtic ERA

Best Service Persian ERA

Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart

Impact Soundworks Shreddage II

Impact Soundworks Shreddage Bass Picked Edition

Toontrack Products (EZMix and various packs, Superior Drummer and various expansions)

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